go go! retro party

GoGo!Retro Dancers

The feelgood factor is incredible and this amazing Retro Party Package will suit almost any age group, from 18 – 55 year olds. Right now, even the tweens LOVE Retro.

Retro is fun & familiar, everyone knows all the tunes, every song a proven hit – and we hire Queensland’s BEST Retro DJ’s to mix the Best of the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s + Party Hits.

GO GO! RETRO is based on a successful formula, fine-tuned from weeky Retro nightclub residencies. Recently there has been a resurgence in interest in these nights for nightclubs, and they are generally a staple of corporate functions and private events – we have simply taken it all to the next level, they are professionally operated, our friendly and dedicated staff, and great FUN.

The Go Go! Retro Package features –

– Experienced Retro DJ
– Go Go! Retro Dancers
– Disco Lights, Lighting Rig & Drapery
– Disco Bubbles + 80’s Fluro UV Lighting
– Fluro Afro Wigs for the Staff, Party Hats, Glowstix, Giveaways + more !
– Artwork Templates to create your promotion internally + externally.

We can upgrade to also include an array Roving Performers & Themes –

– Close-Up Magicians
– Hulahoop Girls
– Go-Go Girls
– Polaroid Camera Photographers
– Rock N Roll Dancers
– Michael Jackson 80s Tribute Night
– Madonna Night
– 1950’s Roller Girls
– 80’s Glow UV Party
– 90’s Techno Rave Party
– Millenium White Party

It simply WORKS.