Mitch Medcalf, aka GALLEON, is one of Australia’s rising stars in dance music. At the young age of 21, this exciting new talent has his finger on the pulse of dance music, always in contact with the world’s best producers, labels & DJ’s, ensuring a delivery of musical sets comprising of only the best upfront & popular dance and house music.

Discovered by JimmyZ (from Wild FM/Nova/Club [V]/4PLAY) in 2011, GALLEON has since been signed to the 4PLAY dance music label and now works as a music co-ordinator for Radio and its associated Industry DJ Promo & Chart Service.

At the young age of six, when most young boys are learning to ride their bicycles, Mitch was honing his craft in dance music. Fast forward a few years, and he is already landing opportunities to mix up for the Triple J National Breakfast Show (Radio), The Kyle & Jackie O Show (Radio), Totally Wild (TV Show), The Shack and Nova 1069’s Breakfast Show, and also for the Queensland Roar Football Club.

There is one aspect of Galleon that stands aside from all other DJ’s: Mitch is visually impaired; he is Australia’s only working Blind DJ.

It is not for the lack of sight, but is his encyclopedic knowledge of dance music from the 70’s to now, along with not only his supernatural ability to read an audience and provide an amazing experience to people through his deep & funky music, but also his exceptional natural talent for “real DJing” employing old school DJ skills of mixing, scratching, beat juggling, transforming and basically playing all the favourite fancy tricks of most skilled DJs in his sets – one of the last remaining Real DJ’s who plays live DJ music with a set of decks that enable him to be a genuine mixmaster.

Mitch explains, “I can hit such a high while listening to a track. It can be anything from a beautiful girly soulful melody or pitched down vocal, the funkiest of bass lines, even something as simple as a cowbell can drive me to hit a natural high. And it is this great love and passion for music that I share with all people to bring them the same satisfaction that I get from the music. Music is a great therapy and healer through good and bad times and is a great tool in bringing people together.”

And through the music he plays, GALLEON communicates his universal message of happiness, love, acceptance and… Togetherness.


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