chekrd man


More ambiguous than a Peter Styvetson press release, Chekrd Man is the mysterious alias of a man you may very well know. Born and raised on bowls of bass-laced fruit loops in an attic hidden far away from the cities bright lights, this late-night electro preacher is the talk of the town thanks to his unique upbringing and his quirky refusal to talk. In the days of yore, every morning he would wake, turn on his $2.80 clock radio and hand-record new music he liked, playing it as loud as his decibel-lacking device would allow. It was during this time that a circa 1980 documentary on disk jockeys sparked his interest in a then-geeky subculture. A lot’s changed since then.

Now renowned for his once young abilities, the modern ethos for Chekrd Man is simple; he plays music the girls in the crowd want to hear. A strong believer that with women come men, this ideology has resulted in brilliant babe-to-bloke ratios at every gig he’s played. Mathematical at heart, Chekrd Man has calculated the precise amount of cheddar required to keep the girls dancing all night long, a formula that’s solidified his dance-floor superhero status in a plethora of clubs around Australia, but also on the airwaves.

Having played up and down the east coast of Australia for many years, Chekrd Man is a regular on and a strong believer in diversity. He remains on trend but continues to pay respect to the classics, blending the new and the old in a timeless fashion that’s made him one of the most sought after mysteries in modern day music.

Where to next is anyone’s guess, but when Chekrd Man pours a scotch at the end of a long night, he’s got plenty to smile about looking back on how far he’s come. Don’t miss your next opportunity to see this secretive wizard cast audible spells and render the women of the dancefloor helpless. It’s a must for people who appreciate good music.

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