JIMMYZ is one of Australia’s leading DJ’s and one of the most well-travelled DJ’s in this country, with an impressive career spanning three generations of club goers which has seen him hosting nationwide radio shows to running television channels and selling multi-platinum selling CD’s.


Chekrd Man

More ambiguous than a Peter Styvetson press release, Chekrd Man is the mysterious alias of a man you may very well know. Born and raised on bowls of bass-laced fruit loops in an attic hidden far away from the cities bright lights, this late-night electro preacher is the talk of the town thanks to his unique upbringing and his quirky refusal to talk.


Alex Fischer

It’s hard to believe that only five years ago this young DJ was busy playing guitar – to all his favourite teen-angst rock bands – to even realize what was going to happen next… After taking a job in a local nightclub picking up glasses, Alex quickly developed a passion for dance music that soon took over his life. After picking the brains of the resident DJ’s, Alex traded in the guitar for a set of decks and quickly landed a residency spot in a local nightclub.